Our story


WE hated our winter boots

In the dead of winter, Jared and Adam lamented about how much we hated our winter boots. Sure, they did the job when there was five feet on snow on the ground, but what about all the other days when the weather is just, well...shitty? 

We started asking everyone who would chat with us. What do they wear when it’s shitty outside? The most common answer we got was sneakers. Why sneakers? It’s because people hate wearing ugly, bulky boots. They hate wearing them so much that they would rather deal with wet socks and cold feet than lugging around poorly designed boots.

So that’s the challenge we took on. To design a boot that is stylish enough for the office, but built to protect people in the worst weather. Welcome to Season Three.

A Better outdoor brand

We wanted Season Three to be a brand with a “no compromises” attitude. Our aim is to make things that can occupy multiple spaces in your roster. Trendy enough for the city, simple enough to look fashionable with anything and rugged enough when you need to bear the elements.